Missing Production


We have successfully located our equipment. We have taken legal measures to have it returned to us. 

Thank you for your continued support!

RPS Management


An entire Meyer LEO, Lyon sound system went missing from a former productions partners warehouse in the U.K.  We have clear evidence that our system including more than 60+ Meyer Sound L-Series speakers was shipped to another warehouse near Nashville TN.  We suspect that our equipment is currently being held in a Nashville area warehouse, is on tour in the U.S. with a U.K. based production company, or has been rented to another U.S. production company under false terms by those responsible for the conversion of our gear. 

Any information leading to the location of our inventory will result in a cash reward. $1,000 for any screenshots of matching serial numbers from Meyer L-Series LEO, Lyon and 1100-LFC boxes with date and location recorded within the last two months. 

$5,000 for any video clearly showing serial numbers on our boxes, date, and location within the last two months anywhere in the U.S. on any job site.

$10,000 for additional information leading to the absolute location of the majority of our missing system at this time. 

Major elements of the stolen system include:

24 Meyer Sound LEO Line Array Boxes.

28 Meyer Sound Lyon Line Array Boxes.

18 Meyer Sound 1100-LFC Sub Boxes.

8 Meyer Sound Leopard Line Array Boxes.

3 Meyer Sound 900-LFC Sub Boxes.

Serial numbers will be supplied upon request.