We Have the Experience


CEO C. Michael Martell brought the new Rainbow together along with VP for Regional Business Jib Clark and VP of Touring Scott Tkachuk by purchasing three production companies: NEAT systems from New Hampshire, Key Lighting from New York and Rainbow Sound from Massachusetts. Rainbow Sound had a 30-year history in the industry, and as a nationwide company, Rainbow Productions is proud to carry on the heritage of the Rainbow name today.


Our V.P. of Touring Scott Tkachuk is leading our team in developing a set of best practices to ensure that every tour shows our commitment to client satisfaction and superior quality.

Our CFO Thomas Hejnicki is ensuring the future of RPS by ensuring the most effective and responsible use of RPS resources. 


Our VP for Regional Business Jib Clark works with all of our long-trusted partners and clients to guarentee a sucessful event. He can be counted on to proudly represent the values that RPS represents.


Our History